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March 8, 2020

The year 1983 was pretty momentous for Patty and me.  We had a very bad year on the vineyard because it rained during harvest and Patty and I put forth herculean efforts to salvage our crop.  Patty got injured moving bins weighing over a thousand pounds with a hoist rated at about 500lbs. A bin got away from her and slammed he in the knee resulting in a terrible bruise that got infected and had to be lanced and drained.  We managed to get the bins stacked along our driveway and covered with black plastic so we saved some of our crop.  We ended up with about 40 tons of raisins but it cost us dearly in expenses and we were pretty fed up with farm life.  That was the year I graduated from Fresno State (now known as CSUF) with a degree in Viticulture, and we were very concerned about the schools in Fowler, CA.  We had Traci in a Mennonite school about 20 miles away in Reedley, CA but Susan was just starting Kindergarten in Fowler and we were concerned about the climate of the schools which is why we had Traci in Immanuel School.  

So we started looking for opportunities and found a 50 acre hazelnut orchard in Estacada, OR that seemed interesting.  We liked that it could potentially be machine harvested and we would not have to hire over a hundred workers to get in the crop and we wouldn’t be at the mercy of the weather so much. Also, we were ready to go home.  Patty went to check it out since I was finishing up at Fresno State and came down with Septicemia when she was gone. Anyway, Patty said that as far as she could tell the orchard was as advertised so we arranged to buy it.   So, as soon as I graduated we packed up and moved to Estacada. 

The orchard was 50 acres in a u-shape with a 12 acre nursery in the middle and another quarter acre taken out for the Garfield Grange on the southwest corner.  The address was 33124 Divers Road and we were about 5 miles north of town. We had a ranch-style home with a deck and an attached garage and several outbuildings including an equipment storage structure, a workshop, an old barn that was on its last legs and an old farm house that we rented out to a family of four that faced on Divers Road.  Estacada was a mill town full of log trucks and was proud of its restaurant, the Safari Club, which was decorated with dead animals.  On the 4th of July and at Christmas there was a parade made up of mostly log trucks and fire engines going down main street.   But it did have an excellent school district and both Traci and Susan thrived there.  Traci was included in the Who’s Who of High School Students and Susan was placed in the Talented and Gifted Program at Three Rivers Elementary School.  The school district benefited from the logging industry as the taxes from the severance of the trees bolstered the schools. 

Every day Patty and I would walk down our driveway about a quarter-mile to Divers Road where we would meet the school bus.  I think Traci caught a different bus since they didn’t ride together.  One day we went down to meet the bus in the afternoon and Susan didn’t get off.  We were a little late and we saw the neighbors kids get off but not Susan.  I stood there tracking the bus as it went down the country roads, I could watch it for miles as we were on high ground, and Patty ran back to the house to call the school.   Patty came back to report that Susan was not at the school and should have been on the bus.  Eventually the bus finished its rounds and came back and stopped and Susan got off the bus shaking her head.  She said, “I’m so stupid!”  She had gotten engrossed in a book and read right pass her stop.  I didn’t think she was stupid at all, in fact I was tickled pink.  I had been guilty of similar things but not as a first grader.

Another time we were going to a school function and we were in Patty’s Mercedes and Traci and Susan were in the back seat and Susan says to Traci, “I’m going to M.C. this event, do you think I should start with…”  Patty and I were startled because it was the first we had heard of it.  Susan was in several talent shows at River Mill.  In one she did some readings from Shel Silverstein, “Thirty-one Flavors” and “Sister For Sale” that brought the house down.  I think she did “Sarah Cinthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out” too.  I had prepared a prop for “Thirty-One Flavors” out of a Styrofoam cone and thirty Styrofoam balls that I had painted different colors and fastened it together with a string that Susan released at just the right moment in her presentation that brought the house down.  How I wish that I had pictures or, even better, a video of that.   Susan had a friend at River Mill, Beth, that she took tap dancing lessons with and they participated in a recital where Susan also played “Fur Elise” on the piano. So ‘Talented and Gifted’ yes, very much so.  I remember that Susan had a teacher, I think it was 2nd grade, at River Mill that all the kids idolized and they learned a song where they all sat around him and sang about a frog and made frog faces at him.  I’ve always envied that guy. 

Susan and Beth

As long as we’re going down memory lane there’s another memory I’d like to share.  This was 1984 and before the internet and not much after the telephone and I found a sale on a TI99 with an extension box that you could fill with modules for somewhere north of $300.  I brought it home for Christmas and Susan spent a day on it where she programmed it in basic for a stick man to do jumping jacks.  That was the start of Susan’s tech career.  

Anyway, that was Susan’s childhood in Estacada.  We spent time on our Honda ATCs driving around the orchard with our dog, Jingles, running with us and sometimes missing a turn because she was blind and running into our neighbor’s raspberry patch.  One time Patty and I took the kids on a walk around the orchard and we walked up behind the grange and surprised a young couple in flagrant delicto in the yard.  I don’t think the kids saw anything because I stopped short and backtracked before they could.

 The time was pretty stressful for Patty and me because we had a very light crop and the it rained all during harvest season so we lost our shirt.  That coincided with the Indian who bought one of our vineyards defaulting on the loan and having to deal with that.  He was in London and working for BOAC and we had to contact Sir Geoffrey Chaucer, Her Majesty’s Foreign Secretary, to get him to quitclaim his interest in the property.  We had a lot on our plate but I think it was a good time for the kids.  I hope they have happy memories of that time.


July 20, 2010



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