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Susans Birthday and Pattys Summer

April 21, 2014


Patty is gone (again) and I’m taking a break from watching “The ‘X’ Files” on Hulu. Patty just got back from a week in Salt Lake City looking for dead people in the Mormon Library and now she’s off to Seattle and Patos Island where she’ll be working to get the island ship-shape for the tourist season. The second week of May we’ll be going back up to Seattle and will spend a week at Kala Point. The week after we get back from that Patty’s classmates will be visiting us to see “The Marvelous Wonderettes” at celebrating Springfield High School’s class of ’58 and their 10 Year Reunion. The next week Patty leaves for Hell’s Canyon where she’ll be pulling barb wire and building trail and keeping a wary eye out for rattlesnakes (she almost grabbed one the last time she was there. She reached down to pick up some debris and a rattlesnake was coiled there- good thing it was cold or she’d have gotten bit).   The week after she gets back from that she’ll be back in the San Juans doing trail work. She hasn’t slowed down much since becoming a septuagenarian. What am I doing while she’s off on her adventures? Watering the plants.

Susan's piano

Susan’s piano

Their Tap-Dancing recital

Their Tap-Dancing recital

Tap-Dancing PR photo

Tap-Dancing PR photo

I don't remember what CRTA stood for

I don’t remember what CRTA stood for

Patty will be with Susan tonight and Susan’s birthday is tomorrow. She was with Susan last year on Susan’s birthday come to think of it. They were both in London and Queen Elizabeth II just happens to share Susan’s birthday so the British were having a big celebration, Susan was 36 and Elizabeth was 87. It’s hard to believe that Susan will be 37. Patty and I were talking about that a few days ago and remembering driving to River Mill Elementary School for an event, I don’t remember what it was, and Traci and Susan were in the back seat talking when Susan said to Traci, “By the way, I’m going to be the MC tonight, do you think it sounds better to open with …?” and that’s the first we knew that Susan was going to be doing that. Susan was seven then. Susan was also playing piano and tap dancing on stage at that time. I especially remember her performing in a school talent show where she brought the house down with renditions of Shel Silverstein poems of “Sister for Sale”, “I Cannot Go to School Today” and “18 Flavors”. For “18 Flavors” I had made an ice-cream cone out of a Styrofoam cone and eighteen balls which I had colored chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc, and then put a string through them so that when Susan came to the right part she could release the string and all the ice-cream balls would hit the ground. Patty and I were saying how we wished we had a recording of that. It was awesome and one of those moments in life that really is special.

So, anyway, Happy Birthday Susan!

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