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March 17, 2015

Probably anyone who knows me would not think that I was endowed with an abundance of patience but I assure you I am a Very Patient Man.  I can back this up with a few anecdotal examples… and I will.

When we were living on the vineyard and Joe and Opie came down to stay with us, Opie brought with her a lifetimes accumulation of cloth remnants for quilts and stored them overhead in my equipment shed.  That caused the roof to sway and I had to reinforce the shed to take the added weight (at least half a ton, probably more).  Joe needed something to occupy his time so I let him drive tractor and disc the vinerows.  Anybody remember how Joe drove?  The steering wheel was constantly in motion.  A farmer is judged by how straight his furrows are so my reputation took quite a hit, not to mention the ‘tractor blight’ on the vines.  Then, while I was having my morning coffee and trying to read the newspaper, Opie would sit across from me and read me recipes!

   1979 Fowler 1979 xmas

OK, fast-forward a decade and we’re now living in Ashland and I’m working for USDA and Patty is with the IRS.  As always, Patty is very good at her job and obsessed with the tax code so guess what’s the main topic of conversation around our house?  That’s a subject that will make your eyes glaze over, especially for someone who never cared for it in the first place. 

Now it’s genealogy.  She’s at the Rogue Valley Genealogy Library right now helping someone with an application to Daughters of the American Revolution, of which she is the Registrar for the local chapter.  She’s already developed family trees linking her to 19 Patriots of the Revolutionary war and has a few more in the works and she’s established membership in the Mayflower Society.  This is now her favorite subject and she can carry on in great detail about Susannah Crippen’s brothers and sisters who were original inhabitants of Manchester, Vermont or Ransom Colquitte, a Revolutionary War Patriot who had the temerity to neglect to record a birth certificate for his son Robert which she needs to complete a family tree (in his defense he was busy with the Revolution).   And she does this in her very soft voice which I used to think was sexy but now just wish she’d speak louder and more clearly so I wouldn’t have to keep saying… What?  You probably think that I shouldn’t worry about what she said, since I don’t give a rip anyway, and shouldn’t ask her to repeat what she said but every once in a while she says something that I’m supposed to respond to, so I have to pay attention.  So, with the patience of Job, I ask, ‘What was that, honey?’





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