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Dead People and Mountains of Salt

October 24, 2013


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in Chronospots and I’m feeling really guilty about it.  It’s not that nothing is happening but rather that I’m getting lazy For instance, Patty’s sister Tammy is visiting and they’re on a road trip to Roseburg today to meet with family members but I stayed home.  As I did yesterday when Patty, Tammy and Traci went downtown where Reese Witherspoon is filming the movie “Wild” and has the downtown and plaza area in a stir.  Can you imagine tying green leaves on trees in the plaza for a movie scene?   They had to blow the yellow, orange and red leaves off and tie green leaves on to match the summer season for the scene. It’s supposed to be Ashland in the summer of ’95 when there was a tribute going on for the recent death of Jerry Garcia of ‘The Grateful Dead”.   

I really like this time of year in Ashland and this is a really great year.  The weather is perfect in the 70’s and the sky is clear with a light breeze most of the time.  The fall colors seem especially good this year and the leaves are just starting to fall.  This is the time of year I enjoy walking downtown and through the SOU campus and Lithia Park to see the fall colors.  I don’t think there’s anywhere that can beat it except maybe the Smokies in a good year.  Of course, I’ve never been to Vermont. 

Patty and I are going to Hawaii next Monday.  We’ll fly over on Hawaiian Airlines and plan to try to catch a hop back from Hickam AFB.  We’ve got a few days reserved at Volcano National Park and then a couple weeks in Kona before going to Hickam and trying for a hop back to Travis AFB.  We had a scare last week when the lodge at Volcano National Park notified us that they were closed because of the government shutdown but there shouldn’t be a problem now (I hope).  We’ll be back about the 20th of November if we can get a hop on a cargo plane.  If not, I guess we’ll be stuck in Hawaii for awhile.  Oh well…


We were in Salt Lake City a couple of weeks ago.  Patty wanted to look for some more dead people and so we left kind of on the spur of the moment.  When Patty starts thinking about dead people she gets really excited.  We spent a couple of days in the Family Research Library right in the heart of SLC across the street from the Temple and next door to the Museum.  It takes about eleven hours of steady driving to get there.  It took a little longer to get home because we stopped for a couple hours in Lakeview to watch the Ducks game at a sports bar.  But I noticed something that I’ve never thought of before on that trip.  As you’re driving into Salt Lake City from the west you pass the Bonneville Salt Flats and these mountains of salt they have next to the railroad tracks.  I guess the salt is sold commercially.  But the thing that puzzled me is that, as we were driving into town it was raining.  If it’s raining, why are there still mountains of salt? 

As I was helping Patty by looking through some of her family archives from Atlanta Georgia from around the time of the Civil War (“The War of Northern Aggression” as they put it) I found a 15 page speech by a Representative given on the House floor supporting slavery.  I also found a newspaper from Atlanta from right after the Civil War during Reconstruction that was filled with inflammatory articles and stories that resembled some of the ridiculous things you might see from today’s politically motivated media.  I guess we’ve always been easy to sway and eager to have our worst fears realized.  But the thing that I found so interesting about this is that it was interesting.  I remember that history in school was anything but interesting.  We do a really poor job of teaching in schools today.  I think it’s because everything is scripted to avoid being politically incorrect and to avoid lawsuits from parents that want their kids brainwashed according to their beliefs.  Anyway, reading that speech in favor of slavery didn’t influence my thinking at all but it was electrifying.  For instance, he pointed out that, had the South known that the North was going to attack slavery, they would never have signed the Declaration of Independence and that the Constitution protected the importation of slaves until 1808.   If history was taught without the political bias and propaganda it could be really interesting.  Of course, it is written by the victors so you would have that bias but I think it would be better than the boring and useless subject that I had to suffer through in school. 

I’m hoping that I can somehow post a family tree for Patty’s family that reflects the information she has gleaned from all her research.  It seems to me to be the perfect post for Chronospots since this is primarily meant to be a family history blog for everyone.  She is concerned about privacy issues and so I haven’t posted anything yet but there should be a way.  Maybe I’d have to start with grandparents that are already gone but that seems to take away much of the relevance to today’s descendants.  The twigs and branches of the tree show how we interrelate to everyone.   I guess we’ll work it out. 



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