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Stephen Ware, Pete’s son.

December 25, 2013

Stephen Ware (2) Pete Army Photo IMG_0052 

I already wrote a Chronospots post on Pete but I’ve got this screensaver that posts pictures and documents on my screen at random and a document that was written by Marsha, a woman married to Stephen Edward Ware, a nephew that I never knew about until 1999, popped up on my screen.  I remember corresponding with her and giving her information and putting her in touch with Casandra and Ginny for further information.  Anyway, she attempted to document Pete’s life and Stephen’s and she did a very good job.  I could tell she put a lot of work into it and, despite a few errors, it was a comprehensive and informative document.  I regret that I didn’t keep in closer touch with her and Stephen.   I would like to be in touch with them and to know more about them and Stephen’s two daughters which would be my grand-nieces.  I’m sorry Stephen and Marsha, for letting this tentative thread to your lives slip through my fingers.   It is a common theme of our relationship, isn’t it. 

So, since this is important information and it’s from another viewpoint, I decided to amend the posting on Pete to add this account.  I have changed some of the errors such as her statement that Pete was an alcoholic (he wasn’t) and filled in some of the dates and facts.  I’m not sure but she may be right about the spelling of Pete’s stepsons names, Channell rather than Chanel like I had it.  Anyway, the content will be in the same format as she wrote it and very close to being as she wrote it.



Players in the life of Peter S. Ware:

       Myra Ware, 6985 Garden Highway, ? , CA 530-656-2274

       Barbara J. Ware, 1126 N 1st St, Springfield, OR 97477  541-741-2195

       Jack & Patty Ware, 869 Garden Way, Ashland, OR 97520

       Sandy Golden, 8621 45th Dr NE Marysville, WA 98720 360-653-1287

       Theresa & Jim Johnson, 85762 Loop Lane, Eugene, OR 97405 541-747-9678

       Paul Channell, 1141 “Q” St. Rio Linda, CA 98373 916-992-1613

       Stephen & Marsha Ware, 12730 24oth St NE Arlington, WA 98223


Other Relatives:

       Naomi (Omie) Murphy, 2134 Princeton, Eugene, OR 97505 541-344-0783

       Virginia (Ginny) Thompson 8621 45th Dr NE Marysville, WA 98270

       Dorothy (Dolly) Sweeney, Perth, Western Australia

       Edythe (Edie) Heintz, Eugene, OR

       Mildred (Millie) Moody, Newport, OR

       Emily Ware, 305 E 3rd #A, Ellensburg, WA 98926 509-962-4232

       Kate Ware, 264 4th Ave. #1, San Francisco, CA


       Pat & Joan Clyde

Parents of Peter Samuel Ware:

Samuel Parker Ware, father, born: Oct.18th, 1892, Valley Head, WV.  Samuel died August 4, 1962 of a stroke in Eugene, OR.  Samuel had fallen down a flight of stone steps in the same hospital during a construction project and damaged his inner ear and was unable to work after that.  He left home at the age of 13 and went to see on a sailing ship (*see Chronospots postings #5 & #39).  He worked up to 2nd Mate and saw the seafront of the world. He had also sparred with Jack Dempsey.  He taught Pete to fight and Pete was on the Springfield High School boxing team.  Millie told Jack that Pete had a glass jaw, she was a year ahead of him in school.  Samuel was a painter by trade.  He was also an artist and he painted a picture of Pete in his military uniform.  Where is this picture? (Last I saw of it, Mom had it while living with Ginny.)  Samuel was a Catholic but the rest of the family was not religious.  The name “Ware” is English but Samuel claimed Scotch-Irish ancestry which is probably true since there was a wave of settlers in WV with that in common. 

Effie Elvira (Gray) Ware, mother, born: September 26, 1903 in Barton, VT.  Effie’s great grandmother was Iriquois Indian.  Effie did not recognize any other nationality even though she was only part Indian.  Effie looked Indian; she had high cheekbones, long, straight black hair and an ornery streak a mile wide.  She was strong-willed and ruled the house with an iron hand.  Effie lost an arm when she was 11 years old. (Chronospots posting #4) Effie died on September 18, 1977 of emphysema.  She was a smoker.  Samuel and Effie are buried together in Eugene, Oregon in the cemetery out south Willamette. 

Samuel and Effie live in Boston, MA, New Hampshire, Vermont, Delaware, Jacksonville, FL and Philadelphia, PA.,   Children born to them- five sons(three died as infants) and six daughters.  In order: Edythe, Theresa, Virginia, Mildred, Pete, Dorothy, Naomi and Jack.  The three deceased sons, including twins, were between Naomi and Jack.  Samuel and Effie moved from Philadelphia to Springfield in 1932 (Chronospots #5).  Samuel had an Uncle Sam and cousins in Eugene and Springfield.  They built a house on Mill Street in Springfield and lived there until 1959 when they relocated to Waldport, OR.  A logging truck ran through the house after Samuel had died and Effie was visiting her children in Eugene.  After that, Effie moved in with Ginny and her husband, Junior and their children.  Ginny and Junior had eight children between them.  Junior had two, Mike and Penny, who lived with their mother.  Ginny had three; Gary, Bebe, and Mike by Harold Sederlin and then had three more with Junior; Sandy, Tony and Lucinda. By the time that Effie moved in, only Sandy, Tony and Lucinda were still at home. 

Peter Samuel Ware, born: June 5, 1929 in Philadelphia, PA.  He died in April of 1994 of prostate cancer.  Myra Ware had Pete cremated and gave his ashes to Paul Channell.  Paul took his ashes to Bodega Bay.  He said that is where Pete wanted to be. 

Pete lived in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas in the ‘50’s. He was a welder by trade.  Pete was described as being about 5’10” with a fit and trim body.  His hair turned gray early but had been a dark brown and full and wavy.  He had very blue eyes and a ‘Clark Gable’ mustache.  Jack said he looked like his dad.  Pete left the 11th grade to join the Army in ’47.  (Chronospots #22)

Pete wanted to join the Army but was too young and his father did not want him to enlist.  Theresa signed for Pete.  Pete shipped out of San Francisco to Japan (Korean War) where he was stationed.  He stepped on a land mine and was injured.(?)  Was hospitalized for a time then again went on active duty.  He was shot in the left shoulder.  He had a red, hardbound notebook in his left pocket and said that it saved his life (it was not a bible, I saw the book, he never had a bible).  When he returned to the states he was in Letterman VA Hospital in San Francisco.  He then went back on active duty but when Samuel was injured in ’52 the family petitioned to have him discharged as the only adult male in the family with a disabled father.  He was released in ’53 or ’54.    

Pete suffered with malaria and migraine headaches.  He would have cold sweats and high fevers and would take quinine when he had a malaria attack.  Pete used his GI Bill to enter the Eugene Vocational School to study aircraft maintenance.  He and another student were involved in an accident.  They were working on an aircraft engine that was not properly secured and the engine caught and chopped up Pete’s partner.  Pete quit soon after that and went to work in a mill.  He worked on the pond with Don Redfield, his brother-in-law(Theresa’s husband).  

Pete married several times.  He married a girl named Toshiko in Japan but the marriage was not recognized by the Army.  Returning to the States, he married a woman in Eugene by the name of Lee Waddell.  She had two children and their father was in prison. She was a very pretty redhead and worked as a beautician but Effie and Pete’s sisters did not like her. Pete got upset and took Lee and her children and moved to California and no one heard from him for three or four years.  He showed up one day with a redheaded woman that at first was mistaken for Lee but turned out to be Wilma (Babe).  Babe had three sons that Pete helped raise; Gene, Mark and Paul. Pete taught Paul welding and Paul still works in the same place that he and Pete worked years ago.  It appears that Pete loved those boys very much and the boys still considered Pete as their father after Wilma left him for someone that Pete thought was a friend.  Pete met and married Barbara in Eugene in 1972.  Barbara says they were married for 15 years.  They lived in a 5th wheel and Pete hauled his welding equipment with him wherever he went.  Sandy remembers Pete and Barbara coming to stay with them in Spokane, Pete was doing welding work in Sand Point, Idaho.  Pete also went to Louisiana on a welding job for some time but Barbara stayed in Springfield and went to visit him occasionally.  Eventually, Pete and Barbara were divorced  and Pete met and married Myra (Connie?) in the late ‘80’s and lived with her in Cottage Grove.  Pete had trouble with personal relationships and would get miffed and hold a grudge, sometimes for years.  He would leave and no one would know where he was for long periods of time. 

Pete raised other’s children but never had any of his own.  Stephen was conceived prior to Pete embarking for Korea and Pete didn’t ever know that he was a father.  Stephen’s mother lived in San Francisco and knew Pete before he left for Korea.  She didn’t know how to contact Pete when she found out she was pregnant.  She said he didn’t show up for their last date and she never saw him again.  She then moved to Seattle where her mother lived and Stephen was born in a Seattle hospital.  Stephen’s mother was born in 1925 so she was four years older than Pete.  Stephen’s mother gave Stephan to her mother to raise.  Stephan lived with his grandmother until he graduated from high school.  Stephan does not have a mother/son relationship with his mother and their visits are very few.  She is a weird bird.  Stephan’s grandmother died in 1990.  Stephan has quite a family tree on his grandmother’s side – a detailed genealogy search has been on-going and researched by Stephen’s daughter Emily and Stephen’s cousin, Claudia.  We have the Wiggin’s family bible, they are English.  Stephen went to college for a couple of years and his major was chemistry.  He has been a boat-builder almost all of his life.  He builds 65’ yachts that cost upwards of $1.5 million.  Stephen’s first marriage was to Diane.  They had two girls, Emily and Kate.  Emily has blue eyes and blond hair and looks like and is built like her father.  Kate is tall and has long black straight hair and green eyes.  Kate also has a darker complexion.  Emily was born in 1975 and has finished four years of college in Ellensburg, Washington and is now attending the same college to get her teaching certificate.  Kate is two years younger and has completed four years of college in Los Angeles and is now attending law school in San Francisco(1999). 

Stephen and I met in 1993 in Arlington, WA.  I am originally from Vancouver, WA, married and had two children, moved to Seattle to attend college at the University of Washington, moved to Texas in 1969, divorced, continued college and received my third degree, raised my children and lost my oldest son at the age of 23 to a very long, tragic, diabetes disease.  I was on vacation and bumming around Arlington, WA (my father lives in Arlington and I had just driven his motor home from Yuma, AZ to Arlington and was having some spirits in the local tavern with my sister-in-laws) when I met Stephen.  Found out Stephen knew my brother and the conversation continued for about two hours.  I left and returned to Texas and three months later Stephen flew to Texas and brought me ‘full circle’ back to Washington  State and we were married in June of 1993. 

We live in the same house that Stephen was living in.  It is a five-acre farm homestead.  We have been remodeling for about six years.  I call it our therapy home.  We have done almost all the work ourselves.  It’s nothing to find havoc going on and everything covered with sheets, sub-floors, makeshift doors and temporary anything.  Stephen didn’t know it but he is a wonderful builder and is very creative.  Stephen is very quiet and has a constant, unnerving, even disposition.  He has taught me patience (ummmm) and I have given him gifts also.  We are a good match.  Stephen is a recovering alcoholic and I am a survivor.  We have both had some darkness in our past that we’ve had to deal with.  Stephen is an extremely intelligent person.  He knows about the old world, the new world and how countries have changed and how they were and are governed, he knows music- boy, howdy does he.  He knows who played with what group and who died and what they wrote and so on.  He is the person who has answers to the questions on game shows.  He is knowledgeable about the Bible and reads to me from his family Bible.  He has done some stage acting and I have encouraged him to do more but he says he can’t do that and achieve what we want to achieve on the house and gardens.  We grow a lot of our food and I preserve what I can and also grow and process our spices and dry fruit.  We also supply vegetables and apples locally.  Stephen is a loner, he would rather spend his time at home doing whatever he does- he is always busy and always alone!  I am his buddy and his soul-mate and he is my buddy and soul-mate.  We often get ‘dressed-up’ and go to Seattle to get ‘Citified’.  We visit art museums and try new places to eat and shop- I love to shop and we both love antiques!  Stephen  loves vintage stores.  I have always said he is part Mongolian!  His ex-inlaws have always kidded him about looking like “Rasputin”.  When we visit a certain shop at Pike Place Market, there are those wonderful Mongolian hats and swords and boots- I have always laughed and told him he needs to buy them!  Now that we know he is part Indian- it shows!  Stephen loves the ocean and would live in an ocean shanty if I didn’t keep him civilized.  You haven’t seen anything until you see pictures of him in his glorious ‘hippy’ days!  His hair was very long, kinky and wavy and he sported an incredible nasty moustache and long beard.  He hitch-hiked everywhere and was drawn to San Francisco.  He was known as the mountain man and considering his size and baritone voice- he was well respected by his peers.  Stephen believes he looks like Effie.  I think if you took Pete’s forehead, ears, nose, arms and hands and put them on Effie’s body- you would have a Stephen.  Jack and I both think that’s a rather comical sight. 

Jack and Patty Ware have two daughters Traci and Susan.  Traci and her husband, Rene Ordonez, have two sons, Samuel and Gabriel.  Susan Ware lives in Edmonds, WA and works at Microsoft.  Jack says he and Patty have a timeshare condo at Kala Point near Port Townsend and we hope to share some time with them when they come north.  Jack has been very generous in sending us pictures and information. 

Theresa and Jim Johnson have a beach house in Florence, OR.  Theresa was talking about having a ‘gathering’.


I started looking for Stephen’s father in 1994, the year that Pete died.  I have been told that maybe Pete’s life would have been better if he had known he had a child.  He had wanted children.  I take that very personal in my heart and it makes me sad!  My very first phone call was to Myra, I asked her if she knew a Pete S. Ware and she responded that he had died and hung up on me.  I walked around for awhile , took in some oxygen and called back.  I talked to a man (unknown) who communicated for me until  she finally came to the phone.  I cried, for Stephen, and maybe for myself.  It was difficult talking to her, she wasn’t unpleasant but distant.  The contacts progressed very quickly after that.  We want to thank all of you for helping us put a new chapter in Stephen’s life- and mine, some answers to silent questions, some quirky emotions at an emotional time of year, being able to share the excitement with his girls and they, one day passing the history down to their children.  Sometimes it is a gift to re-evaluate your life and be thankful for all the grand things we have today and the understanding and acceptance of our past.  Thank You! 


       May your life be filled

       With beautiful hours

       And memories lovely to hold,

       To enhance and embellish

       The days of your years,

       Like angel wings sprinkled with gold.

       May life’s spirit,

       In all of its joy,

       Touch the depths of your soul with delight,

       And may blessings in bushels,

       Abundant and rich,

       Light every path of your life.



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