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Energy Problem Solved

April 26, 2014

Hot flashes  

I don’t know why no one else has thought of this, it’s not rocket science.   I’ll lead you through it one step at a time and it will be evident to you, as it was to me, that this is the answer. 

OK, there are about 6 Billion people on this planet and approximately half of them are women.  I don’t know why, but it’s nice that it worked out that way.   So that gives us 3 Billion women and at any one time about a third or maybe a sixth of them are going through menopause.  So, anywhere from one billion to a half billion are suffering with this right now.   Anyone who has been in close proximity to a woman in menopause knows that they put out a tremendous amount of heat in something they call ‘hot flashes’.   This heat could be compared to a moderately sized thermonuclear device. 

You’re way ahead of me by now, aren’t you?  All we have to do is tap into that energy.  The beauty of it is there’s probably one of these energy plants near you!  They’re pretty well scattered throughout the globe.   How do we tap into that energy?  I don’t know, that’s a job for an engineer, I can’t do everything!  I do know that it’s probably going to be difficult since they’re pretty hard to work with.   There may be an added benefit to this idea in that it could make them a little easier to get along with if that energy is bled off somehow and they can get a good night’s sleep. 

Well, I’ll just sit back now and wait for my Nobel Prize.

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