A memorable night

This memory just happened, and I had to capture it for Chronospots.   Let me set the stage, Patty is 18 and I am 21.  I am working for my brother-in-law, Bob Moody, moving houses and I’m living with Bob and Millie at their house on Riverview Street, on the south side of Hendricks Park hill.  Patty is working at the Cannery and part-time for the Arctic Circle drive-in restaurant and washing cars on the weekend.  Goes without saying that we were both exhausted all the time and were constantly falling asleep on our dates.  Waking up at the Motor Vue Drive-In at 2AM the only car in the lot comes to mind. 

Anyway, Bob and Millie invited us out with them and they took us to the Laurelwood Golf Club where they knew the guy who ran the place for dinner.  The manager was a friend of Bob and Millie and a devotee of Robert Service and he entertained us in the bar with renditions of The Cremation of Sam McGee and the Ballad of Salvation Sam and other poems before dinner.  Then we went in the dining room and had a wonderful dinner with after-dinner drinks, a King Alphonse I believe, which I surreptitiously shared with Patty.  There was a dance band and it was a dream date which Patty and I didn’t want to end but end it did with Millie and Bob taking us back to their house.  Millie and Bob left us alone and went to bed and Patty and I sat on the couch promptly succumbed to our narcoleptic tendencies. 

I woke about 7AM the next morning and immediately knew I’d screwed the pooch, Patty was sleeping peacefully beside me.  I called out to Millie what I’d done, and she was horrified.  I remember her saying that Patty’s folks had probably called the cops and were understandably frantic.  I said it could have been worse, my mother could have come home and caught us. My mother called out from the other bedroom, “I seen you!” 

Well, we ran out of the house and jumped in the car and tore out of there and went to Patty’s brothers place where Patty was staying.  They’re having breakfast and it’s up to me to explain to Freddy why we stayed out all night and he’s smirking at me.  While I’m trying to convince him that Patty’s honor is intact, who should show up but Opie, Patty’s mother.  She wants to know why Patty is in heels and an evening dress at the time of the morning.  Meanwhile I’m trying to blend in with the drapes.  I really can’t remember anything beyond that point, I don’t remember Opie ever noticing me, but I know she must have.

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3 Comments on “A memorable night”

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  2. John Heintz Says:

    Ends rather abruptly, but quite entertaining as long as it lasts. Maybe you want to amend the expression, “screwed the pooch.”(?)
    You were married in 1962, so when was this memorable night?
    I’m too lazy to do the math from your ages at the time. John H.

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