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Family History in Newspaper Clippings

March 8, 2018

Family History in Newspaper Clippings 

Patty has found 17 clippings about my family’s 1932 trip from Philadelphia to Springfield, Oregon in 1932, and they’re from Chicago, Miami, Salt lake City, Tampa, Akron, Lansing and several cities in Oregon.  Must have been a slow news-week.  It was picked up by the Associated Press and hit a nerve.   Most of them referred to a rusty old flivver with two flat tires that ended up in the lawn of the Democratic candidate for governor of Ohio’s front lawn.   That’s what I don’t understand, why was this sedan considered “antiquated” when it was, at most, 20 years old?  Also, they never mentioned the itinerant that Dad had picked up to do the driving.   I remember Millie and Edie saying that Mom had demanded that Dad kick him out of the car when they were crossing the Rockies.  To my knowledge, Dad didn’t drive and Mom didn’t either until I was in High School (about 1957). 

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that it was so newsworthy and so far, she has found only one follow-up article and that was from the Albany Democrat-Herald on the 22 of April 1932.  Apparently, they were in front of John Cotner’s home at 6 AM when they arose and Dad asked to buy two dozen eggs and then asked Mrs. Cotner to cook them for him.  He then went to a nearby store and bought some bread and they ate their breakfast in the car.  They then proceeded to Springfield where Uncle Sam had promised them a place to live if they could get there.  This article is titled “Hard Journey Nearly Ended” and cited some of the hardships narrated through press dispatches that the family endured and had become prominent in the national press.   

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