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Green Pea soup and Mayonnaise

February 5, 2017


Ka’anapali Beach

At 4AM this morning as Patty and I were lying in bed discussing George Washington and his wife Martha and their lack of progeny to contribute to the Daughters of the American Revolution rolls, Patty said something about green pea soup and mayonnaise.  I spent some time trying to figure out what the context could be for those words and Patty noticed my silence so I had to admit what my problem was.  Of course, she hadn’t said any such thing and she was thoroughly disgusted with me for thinking she had.   I mentioned this to illustrate the wide range of subjects that are up for discussion at that hour of the morning while our minds are active but we are not.

Another subject that we discussed led to our revisiting something that Patty discovered about six years ago.  At that time, our eldest daughter Traci was having her 44th birthday and Patty realized that she was born in 1944 and that Patty was 67 and Traci was born in 1967.  Whoa!  Next year I will be 77 (maybe) and Susan was born in 1977 and Susan will be 41 and I was born in 1941.   You see the relationship?  This doesn’t work with my dad since he was born in 1892 but it seems to work with our generation of mid 20th century parents and children.    It just seems intriguing that this relationship exists and I wondered if anyone else ever considered it.   Food for thought.

Anyway, we have a lot of these sleepless nights and most of them are brought on by our concern about where we are going as a country.  I’m pretty sure where we are going and I’m not happy about it but I probably won’t be around to see the results of these tumultuous times and the eventual attainment of a more progressive, tolerant country.  Ergo, we are going to Hawaii!  We are hoping that lying around on the beach, having dinners at the Kona Brew Pub, and taking walks at sunrise and sunset will snap us out of our funk.  It’s worth a shot.   We won’t be seeing much news and won’t have daily postings from the Proud Liberal to inflame our sensibilities with outrage at the latest injustices and we’re hoping that will enable us to get off this daily routine of sleepless nights.  

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