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2016 A year in Review

December 21, 2016



Oops, I did it again.   I didn’t make a Christmas card with a clever rhyme about our activities for the year like I did for 20+ years until our 50th wedding anniversary when I used that anniversary in Hawaii as an excuse to quit.  I also didn’t write a newsletter to catch everybody up with our activities.  And I haven’t written anything to Chronospots in five or six months.   So, this is my effort to cover all those failures in one fell swoop.  (BTW, having used this expression, ‘fell swoop’, I decided to google it and found that Shakespeare invented it in 1605 in Macbeth.  This kind of edification is a side benefit of reading this.)

So, to get on with it, as usual Patty has been flitting hither and yon on her many adventures.  In February we spent about three weeks in Hawaii, a week at the Hale Koa in Waikiki and then two weeks in a beach cabin at Bellows AFS.  We intend to do the same this February.  In March my sole remaining sibling, my sister Theresa, died and we attended her memorial service in Salem on the 19th   Then in April, Patty attended a ceremony honoring some revolutionary ancestors in Tennessee where an Eagle Scout took on a project to restore an old cemetery.  She reconnected with some of her cousins there and they shared some of their moonshine with her.  In May she flew to Seattle to meet up with Susan and then they flew to Scotland to embark on a 100 mile pub-crawl known as the West Highland Way.  Actually, they hiked more than a hundred miles because some of the pubs were a way off the trail.  On the way home they stopped off in Iceland to enjoy the Blue Lagoo again (they’d been there before).   Then in August Patty returned to Eagle Cap for the fourth time for another working vacation building and repairing trail as 72 year old women are wont to do.

While Patty was off enjoying herself I was home taking care of business as usual.  This year we repainted the house but this time I had professional help.  My grandson, Samuel.  home from OSU for the summer, helped as did ‘Two Stiffs Needing Work’.  The last paint job lasted about 13 years so this will probably be the last time I must worry about this chore.

In September we spent a week at Kala Point during the Wooden Boat Festival with Karen and Rob.  Karen took Patty on a sailing adventure on The Schooner Adventuress where Karen had crewed as a teenager.   Then, in October, Patty joined some friends on a working vacation in Utah at the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument removing Russian Olive.   She spent about a week digging out Russian Olive which is a wicked brush with inch-long thorns which is an invasive weed there.  In November we left on a whim and caught a hop on a USAF cargo plane for about three days on Waikiki.

We’ll be home for the holidays and aren’t planning on doing anything special except enjoying the time with Traci and her family.  Speaking of which, Samuel is now in his second year in Mechanical Engineering at OSU and I firmly believe he will become a world-famous inventor or something.  Gabriel is a Junior at Ashland High School and a member of the Ashland School Band (Tenor Sax) and on track to become an Eagle Scout in the very near future.  Traci is an Educational Assistant in the Ashland School District and volunteers at the school libraries and Ashland Library by doing their displays and artwork.  She also has a presence on the web:  traciscraftcorner on ETSY.  Rene is a professor at Southern Oregon University teaching some esoteric folderol and travels to Denmark and Guanajuato, Mexico frequently because his expertise is apparently in high demand there.  He also helps McGraw-Hill in their video presentations.  Rene’s niece, Eunice, is also a neighbor.  She’s been with us to get her MBA and now is gainfully employed at a local firm.  Patty got her Master’s at SOU too, about 25 years ago.

Susan is still working at Microsoft doing something as mysterious (to me) as Rene and apparently very good at it since she recently got another promotion.  She lets me come up to prune her grapes once a year.  I prune Traci’s grapes too.  It’s good to be useful for something.   Kai is currently on hiatus from his tech job but is still active in several bands and has a possible opportunity to accompany a famous musician on a tour.  Sue and Kai are planning to participate in the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st.  We accompanied them to the Rally to Restore Sanity/Keep Fear Alive with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert in 2010 and it was a blast!  I hope this trip goes as well.

So, that’s done.

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