Letter from Dolly

Letter from Dolly  May 3, 1999

Dear Jackie,       I loved getting your letter, it enhanced my guilt for not writing to anyone for several mo’s.  I used to love writing to people & now it’s something I have to work on to do.  I am sorry about it but it’s like that.  In the same mail I had a letter from Joyce.

       Everything is fine here except I don’t see too much of Brenda.  She worked for a nursing home for about 2 mo’s but gave it up as she got an infection.  The doctor thought it was scabbies but it wasn’t; even with biopsies they never found out what it was.  She went back to driving a truck but that is far from steady work.  She worked it for 6 consecutive days & made $949.50 less tax, so if she could get that steady it would be great. 

       I was happy to hear about Ginnie.  I miss all of you so very much.  If Brenda could get steady work she would be on the internet, so it’s the waiting game.

       I wanted to send some photo’s but even though they are new color “thing’s” in the printer, they aren’t Macintosh like Brenda’s so they don’t work right.  When she gets the right one we will be sending you some pictures.

       Jackie, Traci & Rene sent me such a lovely Christmas letter and I haven’t even answered them.  I truly loved hearing about all they are doing and the new baby.  Oh, to be young and mobile again.  And then there’s Susy and Dutch, they are busy too, it really makes you proud.  You asked about Sammy, he never came over but he works as a roofer.  Sara lives in New Jersey.

       March the 1st day of fall.  It has really cooled down from mid-30’s to 40’s to 14-29.  The meteorologist says  March through May will be cooler than usual.  Looks like we’re in for the same winter the rest of the world is coming out of.     

       Well little brother as nothing much happens here I’ll close for now.                                   Lots of Love, Dort                                             I came across this letter from Dolly today and, though she wrote it about eight years before she died and I’ve  already done a posting about Dolly in Chronospots,  for some reason I never included it.  It’s a poignant letter and I want to share it.


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