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Hillarys e-mails

June 16, 2016

Shocking revelations about Hillary’s e-mails exposed by Wikileaks data dump.

After combing through over 60,000 emails attributed to the former Secretary of State it was learned that she tried to delete over 40,000 of them that were embarrassing or distasteful. More than half of that number had to do with penis enhancement or offers from Russian women for services or other nefarious purposes.  Also, there were several e-mails from Nigerian princes with references to MILLIONS of dollars in overseas bank accounts.

Julian Assange, when asked how he obtained the incriminating information when the Republican investigations have had so much trouble finding anything in the 55,000 emails that they and the FBI have reviewed, replied that he couldn’t be held responsible for the incompetence of those entities.

The FBI, when asked about the status of their investigation which has thousands of agents and millions of dollars devoted to it, responded that they were months away from any answers. “It will be at least November before we have any comments to the exceptionally grave and incriminating charges”, said SAIC I. P. Freely.

Meanwhile, Presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, says he will hire former Baylor Chancellor, Ken Starr, to oversee an extensive investigation into this “very, very, very serious matter”. He promised to “Spill the Beans” which will guarantee that Hillary Clinton will “end up in Prison”!!!

And Bernie Sanders, in a reversal of his previous stance on the issue, says “The American people haven’t heard enough about her damn e-mails”! He admits that his path to the nomination for president is steep.

Hillary-Emails emails

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