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Pattys birthday 2016

April 4, 2016

Tomorrow is Patty’s birthday but she’s not here…again.  She is currently in SLC researching dead people at the Mormon Library.  And later this month she’s flying to Tennessee for the rededication of the Vernon Cemetery, an ancestral cemetery with Revolutionary War implications.  When she gets back from that, she and Susan are going to Scotland for a week-long 100 mile hike that I like to refer to as a 100 mile pub-crawl as they have frequent stops at inns along the way. 

This is actually a pretty good arrangement for me, Patty’s frequent trips to pursue her interests while I stay home and water the plants, since I have little interest in genealogy and don’t particularly like to go on hikes unless there’s a brew pub at the end of it.  But when I’m left to my own devices I frequently fall into bad habits.  For instance, last night I watched a particularly bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movie on Netflix and I’m reading a misogynistic Wilbur Smith historical novel.  And, of course, I’m prone to making Chronospots postings, which I find I usually do when Patty’s off on a trip somewhere. 

As usual, I still haven’t gotten Patty the diamond necklace that she so richly deserves, or the Mercedes convertible that she’s always wanted.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t get her anything, which will be a little less uncomfortable since she’s in Salt Lake City and her absence eases my guilt a little bit.   However, the fact that I feel guilty about it is in my favor I think.  It’s not like I completely forgot about it.   I prefer to think that I’m like Rex Harrison in ‘My Fair Lady’, protected in my thoughtlessness by my maleness.  Besides, I can’t afford a diamond necklace because I need to paint the house this year. 

So, in the interest of brevity and laziness, I’m going to link to a previous posting from four years ago which has an amazing relevance:  It’s Patty’s birthday today!!! 

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