Lindsley Family History


Patty has traced her family history to ten Revolutionary War Patriots and to the Mayflower and she’s still going.  She also has established five presidents in her family tree as well as Samuel Adams,  Eli Whitney, Buffalo Bill Cody and Winston Churchill.  

The Revolutionary War patriots include Daniel Lindsley, Daniel Adams, Michael Keith Madden, Charles Meseroll, Philip Mead Sr., Timothy Mead Jr., Leuman Gee, Soloman Gee, Richard Lattin and Col. Ephraim Seelye. 

The Presidents are Johm Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Calvin Coolidge, William Howard Taft and Millard Fillmore.   Also, Gov. William Bradford, the first Governor of Massachusetts was an ancestor and her link to the Mayflower Society. 

She is hesitant about my posting her family details on the internet but I have included some of her family history in posts on Chronospots.  Several posts are linked here:

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Mayflower Cert

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