A Girl Named Sue

1983 Estacada

A girl named Sue

Let me tell you a story about a girl named Sue

Never would do what her parents told her to

Dropped out of school and out of college too

Wouldn’t clean her room (seen better lairs in a zoo)!


She ate junk food and listened to Aerosmith

Palled around with friends that gave her poor dad fits

Then one day she said she’d had enough

Couldn’t stand her parents and packed up all her stuff.


She left her mom and dad, such sweet and gentle souls

And went into the world to see what her future holds

Her only talent appeared to be her skill at video games

A very promising future in the gamers “Hall of Fame”.


Well, to make this short she landed on her feet

And found the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet

Although he is a drummer in a hard rock band

He also has a job and in the house he gives a hand.


Sue went to work for a guy named Bill

Himself a dropout so he held her no ill will

She makes a lot of money, way more than her parents do

Although they’ve worked and trained for more than a decade or two.


Now she eats fruits and veggies, her and her vegan friend

And they have their own house to clean, keep up and mend

She has a big fat mortgage, insurance and taxes too

She’s now part of the system,  Who’d have thought it?  Poor Sue!


The perfect end to this story, and it tickles me to think

If SHE had a willful daughter that drove her to the brink

Her perfect mom and dad would watch with hidden glee

And Sue would ask for our advice, which we always give for free!


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