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Summer 2014 update

August 24, 2014

Patty & Sam ~ Patos, Aug 2014
I just realized I haven’t posted anything on Chronospots since last April! What made me realize it is that Kai is on a tour with his rock band, ‪#‎DamaLibraTour, and he’s posted several times to his blog,, and he’s doing it on his phone in a van full of rock musicians. Makes me embarrassed and ashamed that I’ve been so lazy. Anyway, Kai is living his dream and has the total support and encouragement of Susan who traveled to the East Coast to join him for a few days. He’s not going to have anything to put in a bucket list when he reaches my age, which is a good thing. He’s got several other bands back in Seattle in which he’s totally immersed also so I guess he’s got it pretty good.
So anyway, I open my eyes this morning and Patty is lying there looking right at me and starts in on this argument that we’ve been having for many years about this and next. Like, ‘this’ Christmas is in December of 2014 and ‘next’ Christmas is in December of 2015. My contention is that ‘this’ = ‘next’ if it hasn’t arrived yet. It gets confusing because yesterday, which was Friday, she said that ‘next’ weekend is Labor Day weekend and I said “No it’s not, Labor Day weekend is the first of September” and she said, “That’s next weekend.” My contention is that the next weekend started the next day. So, if anyone can straighten this out and agree that I’m right, I’d appreciate it.
Patty has had a pretty busy summer with trips to Kala Point, Hell’s Canyon, Lopez Island, Hot August Nights in Reno and then to Patos Island. I joined her on the Kala Point trip but decided to stay with the convenience of flushing toilets for the other trips. She is traveling to Venice and Iceland with Susan in October if the volcano gods in Iceland don’t act up and then we’re planning on Hawaii in December. She’s now the Registrar for the Rogue Valley Chapter of the DAR which is keeping her pretty busy. Also, while doing research for her membership in the Mayflower Society, she found a cousin in Iowa that she didn’t know she had and he and his wife are going to come out to visit with us next month. Patty asked him if he wanted to see Crater Lake or go on a jet-boat trip on the Rogue or see the Redwoods and the Oregon Coast and he said, “Yes! All of that!” She’s also planning another trip to Hawaii with a couple of her Patos Pals early next year.
My time is spent on maintenance chores and taking care of stuff that comes up. There’s always stuff that comes up and it keeps me fairly busy. When I’m not busy, I’m probably reading. I’ve got a reserve list at the library that usually has about a dozen books on it and I maintain about a $50 credit at the Bookwagon book store here in Ashland. We cut the cable last winter and haven’t missed it yet. Most evenings we sit in the living room reading our books until we can go to bed and read ourselves to sleep. May sound boring to some but its fun for us. We read some of the same books but, for the most part, Patty reads what she likes and I read less commendable fare.
One thing that cutting the cable has accomplished is to keep me from watching news and getting upset. I still get some news, like from The Daily Show or Stephen Colbert and of course the Web keeps me current. Patty’s constant job is to keep me on a more or less even keel and talk me down when I get too involved in what is going on in the world. As a liberal atheist lesbian I’ve had my share of oppression but it’s nothing compared to what others have to deal with on a daily basis and that can get me going if Patty isn’t there to talk me down. Comes with getting old I guess and realizing that I’m not going to see the world that reveres Carl Sagan, John Lennon and their like. I’m stuck with Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney and Ted Cruz.

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