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The Epic Cross-country Road Trip of 2013

July 26, 2013

The Epic Cross-country Road Trip of 2013

Ware family

Patty and I have talked about and looked forward to this trip for years now.  We had planned to spend time at Yellowstone (which we’re probably the only people in the country who’ve never seen) and then to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, maybe Niagara and then Vermont.  My mother is from Vermont and I’ve heard the fall in Vermont is spectacular.  Then we’d drop down to West Virginia where my dad is from and check some family places and enjoy more fall color.  Then, we might visit old friends in Mississippi if we could find them before re-visiting Aurora, Colorado where we lived a few years.  Returning home through Las Vegas and Visalia touching bases with friends as we go.

Well, Patty got out the Road Atlas and a calendar a few days ago and we began to plan and study in earnest just how and when we would go.  We got as far as Mt. Rushmore and realized that, the more we thought about it and saw what we were doing, the more horrible the whole idea sounded.  So, we’ve decided to chuck the whole idea and just stay here.  We’ve got beautiful fall colors right here and if I give these trees a chance to get ahead of me in September, I’ll have leaves up to the eaves.  Lithia Park is spectacular and my own yard is pretty awesome in the fall.

Also, we’ve got about a month planned in Hawaii in October-November and we know what we’re getting when we go there.  80 degree weather, white sandy beaches and a turquoise ocean to play in.  We have two weeks at Kona, three days at Volcano National Park, seventeen days at Maui and then several days at Oahu.  We’ll be playing it by ear on Oahu since we intend to try to hop home on a USAF cargo plane and the sequester has made that even more iffy than it was before.  I guess if you’re going to be stuck somewhere, Oahu is as good a place as any.

So, no road trip for us.  It’s really kind of a relief to have made that decision.  I hope if I come up with another plan like that someone talks me out of it.

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