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Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

November 20, 2012


International Market

In 1980 Patty and I took Traci and Susan to Hawaii and stayed at a beach cabin at Bellows AFS.  We caught a ride on a C-5 cargo plane at Travis AFB which, at that time, was the largest plane in the world.  We rode in the tail section which was about three stories above the cargo bay and the crew took the kids on a tour which included the cockpit which was about a football field away and down several staircases and across the cargo bay.  It was a magical time and we played on the beach, went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, The International Market, stayed a couple of days at the Hale Koa Hotel at Waikiki where the kids took hula lessons and toured the Dole Pineapple Farm and Store.  Well, we’re going to do that again.  Minus the C-5 probably, although Patty and I are flying home from Hickam AFB and there’s a good chance we’ll end up on a C-5. 

Anyway, one month from today Patty and I are going to drive to Travis AFB where we’ll store our car and then fly out of Sacramento the next day for Honolulu.  We have reservations for ourselves and Traci and Susan’s families as well as Patty’s sister Tammy at Bellows AFS and the Hale Koa.  We’re planning to do many of the same things we did over thirty years ago but this time we’ll enjoy them with the whole family including our grandkids.  We were looking forward to Joe Clein and his new bride, Diane, sharing this special time with us but Joe passed away in September and we had to cancel his reservation at Bellows.  We’ll certainly be thinking of him and the times we shared together over the years. 

We have two beach cabins at Bellows from the 20th of December to the 4th of January and we have reserved rooms at the Hale Koa during the same period so we’re pretty serious about building some memories here.  Of course, the main thing is a celebration of our 50 years together and the wonderful life we have had.  We want to share some of that magic with our whole family so this will be our ‘Swan Song’.   We’ll be posting to Facebook during this time so check that out. 

BTW, this year we may not develop a Christmas card as we have been doing for over thirty years since we already have so much on our plate.  Haven’t decided yet but I’m usually at least thinking about it by this time of the year and this year it just doesn’t seem as important.   Also, Patty plans to do some ancestry research in Washington DC for about a week the first of December.


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