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July 20, 2012

broken ankle

Well, I’m home alone again and it’s just as well since I have a broken ankle so I can’t do much of anything.  If Patty were here, she’d be going nuts and probably plotting ways to do me in.  I broke my ankle at a “Rock Camp” recital for my grandson, Samuel, at the Britt Festival in Jacksonville.  It was raining and the hill I was walking on with my arms full of umbrellas and blankets and coolers was very muddy and slippery.  I should know better.  Anyway, I have a cast on and haven’t been able to walk or do much of anything.  I’ve been looking forward to the summer too, it’s been an unusually wet and cold and long winter.  The important thing is to let it mend so I can get around.  We’ve got Patty’s 50th Springfield High School reunion coming up next month and our 50th Anniversary Celebration in Hawaii this winter and I don’t want to be any more of a limiting factor than I already am.  ‘Limiting Factor’ is Patty’s term for me.

Patty is on Patos Island today doing whatever it is that she does there.  She took her sister, Tammy, along with her this time and she’ll be with several of her friends that are involved in restoring and maintaining the lighthouse and the trails and camping facilities on the island.  She’s attending a Bucharest Drinking Team gig at the Columbia City Theater in Seattle with Susan and Kai on Saturday and a Chris Isaak concert on Sunday with Susan. She’ll come home on Monday for a couple of weeks before she goes up to the Wallowa Mountains Eagle Cap Wilderness to do trail work with mules.  It’s the only place in the country where the Forest Service still uses mules.  She got kicked by one while working with them a few years ago.  Stuff like that is important to replenish your supply of stories so you don’t get boring.  Patty isn’t boring.

Rene is coming home next week too.  He’s been in Copenhagen again, teaching at the Copenhagen School of Business for five or six weeks.  He’ll be home for about a day before he takes Traci and the kids to the Philippines for the rest of the summer.  They’ll come back home in September; which means I’m dog and cat sitting again this summer.

A couple of weeks ago, while walking by the hall mirror, I caught a glimpse of myself and it was startling.  I looked like my father just before he died!  I mentioned it to Patty and she said “Your dad had more hair.”   She’s so supportive.  Anyway, how did that happen?  I don’t feel any different- well…, except for right now I have a broken ankle and a few tendon and joint problems, but this has really just crept up on me.  Luckily, Patty has managed to avoid becoming an old person or maybe she just refuses to succumb to it.  I guess there’s not much I can do about it except maybe try not to turn into an old grouch.  It’s hard because I’ve been grouchy most of my life but now I’ve got to turn into Mr. Happyface or I’ll become a cliché.

On the other hand, why should I give a flying ****?  Maybe I’ve earned the privilege of being a cantankerous old coot just by dint of having lasted into the 21st Century!   The 21st Century!  How bizarre is that?!  I’ve been around here since the first part of the last century.  I’m older than anything around me except the dirt and rocks.  So maybe I should revel in the opportunity to be an irascible old fart.  People seem to give old people a lot of leeway in their behavior and I could use people cutting me some slack for a change; especially Patty.  OK, that’s not going to happen is it.  I guess I’d better work on my happy face.


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