Zombie handPatty said something today (every once in a while I tune in just to make sure I’m not missing anything) which struck me as very astute:  “…Jesus was not the kind of Zombie that went around eating people!”  That was an epiphany for me.  I realized that Zombies are really getting a bad rap and it’s because no one’s telling their side.  All we ever hear about is the mindless, stumbling re-animated corpses that ‘go around eating people’.  I’m sure there are all kinds of Zombies just like there are all kinds of people.  Some may be open-minded progressives that just want to give everyone a chance and some may be something else.  (I’m not going to let myself get sucked into a political argument here.)  The point is that we’ve seen that no one is ever as bad or as good as they’re made out to be in the public perception.  The public can be swayed by whoever has the Talking Stick at the time or the Talking Stick that you like to listen to.  (A ‘Talking Stick’ is a Samoan artifact that bestows the right to speak on the one who has it.)   These days you can buy a ‘Talking Stick’ and broadcast whatever kind of nonsense you wish and a lot of people will believe whatever you tell them even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Why not give Zombies the benefit of the doubt?  We shouldn’t just be writing off a whole demographic just because they have some undesirable traits that are more prevalent than in the rest of society. I’m not saying that we should elect one as President and give him the opportunity to stack the Supreme Court with Zombie friendly members that could set us back years in our development toward becoming the country we always imagined ourselves to be, but we shouldn’t automatically assume that they’re all mindless automatons that never think for themselves either.

Another thing, just because you ‘think for yourself’ doesn’t mean that you’re not full of shit either.  People inherently have different abilities and capabilities and some are just not as good at some things as others.  Things like thinking or lifting weights or brain surgery.  So we don’t necessarily want other people deciding some things for us.  Like letting a majority decide what is right and what is wrong when that majority can be influenced by a big Talking Stick.  I guess, all things being equal, its right that the majority decide things but that presupposes that the majority isn’t being unfairly influenced by special interests like maybe people that are making money by waging war on Zombies.

So, if you ‘follow the money’, just who is profiting from this paranoia about Zombies?  Hollywood!  They’re the rascals that have been pounding us with this one-sided propaganda about Zombies for years.  They never show Zombies as sophisticated intellectuals with good table manners do they!  They’re always stumbling around and eating some good-looking babe’s brains.  That’s just wrong!

I’m not so foolish as to think that I can point this out and change people’s perceptions about Zombies but maybe the next time someone mentions the “Zombie Apocalypse’ you will think about it and not be easily frightened into thinking that it’s a bad thing.

zombies are coming

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