750 Words

I’ve started a new project that I’m going to try for awhile.  I got this from a friend down here, Karen Amorotico, who has a blog called a ‘Pie A Day’ http://pieadaygiveaway.com/ where she bakes a pie every day and gives it away and then writes in her blog about it.  Very ambitious and she’s on day 273 so far.  Anyway, it’s called 750 words and you just sit down and write 750 words every day about anything and everything.  It’s sort of a mind-dump.  Well, this seems like a good idea but I’m a little apprehensive about baring my soul on the web. However, I understand this is a private site just for me so I will give it a go. I do need to give my brain a dump on a regular basis and I can see how it would be therapeutic. I do wish this site had spell-check though- I don’t like making spelling errors.
I’ve got a blog- ‘Chronospots’ – that I don’t update often enough because it is a public site that I encourage friends and family to visit so I feel it needs to be important and entertaining information that I put on there. That takes a commitment in time and a concentrated effort on my part to organize and present the post in an interesting and intelligent way. So, having a way to just blather away without having to organize my thoughts and do something that I am willing to put my name to is appealing to me. I may try this from time to time but I don’t know if I’m willing to commit to it on a regualar basis. (There! I misspelled a word and just left it. that is something of a milestone as is starting this sentence without a capital letter. Miss Cott- sorry for that. I won’t make a habit of it.) Well, what to write about. I guess it would be good to write about this year… This year is special. For one thing, I never expected to live this long. Most in my family were either dead by now or were pretty severely handicapped by age and disease. I should knock on wood! Anyway… this year is Patty’s 50th HS reunion and we both want to be trim and fit for that- which means we need to lose a significant amount and exercise on a regular basis. Also, we’re having our 50th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii with friends and family so we’re really looking forward to that and want it to be really special.
Today is a good day to start on this journey since it is the 2nd of January and the start of a new year. It’s also the best day we’ve had for a while and the day of the Rose Bowl and Oregon plays Wisconsin. I really hope this is the year we win it since it is such a significant year in our lives. Hey! I may have a blog entry here! I could almost lift this directly from this page and paste it into Chronospots!
So, I see by the running total at the bottom of this page that I’m almost to two thirds of my total. I like this so far but still find myself worrying about typos and such. As I started to say, today is a good day to start on the journey to fitness except that I was planning on pizza and beer with the Rose Bowl game and it would be a good day to walk downtown to Standing Stone Brew-pub for a beer and quesadilla. Well, I’ll see how it goes.
So far I don’t feel the therapeutic release I was hoping for. Clearing the mind and getting rid of all the dregs. Like a reformat! I’ve always thought how great it would be if you could reformat your brain and get rid of all the loose ends and remnants and reorganize everything so it would be easy to remember or access everything. I probably wouldn’t need a new unit, just clean up this one. That would be so great. I shouldn’t complain. I could have Alzheimer’s and a brain that someone dumped syrup in or banged so hard that the read-head skips around and gets caught in a random groove. I don’t want that to happen to me or to Patty. Patty says if it happens to her she wants me to shoot her. I protested that I would go to jail. She says if I love her I’d do it anyway. I really don’t think I can but I would like to go like Soylent Green and just take a pill together.
Well, that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I wanted to clear my brain not get all serious and think bad thoughts. We’re in good shape and Patty probably has a good 20 years to go and should be OK since she’s always been healthy and smart. I am in fairly good shape but I need to get busy because I can see I’m starting to let myself slide. This is my turn-around year. This is the time I need to get busy. There’s no tomorrow. Well, I went a little over. I guess that’s good. 800 words. I think I may be able to do this.

Hi, it’s Thursday, January 5th, and this is another 750 words posting:  Joe stayed overnight on his way to Tucson and just left.  We had a good visit and Patty fixed beef stew and biscuits last night and scones this morning so we’re still not started on our diet and fitness plan for 2012.  Joe and I got into a discussion about religion and politics this morning but nothing very heavy.  I think we both practiced restraint.  Also talked about VA benefits and why he’s getting them and I’m not.  If I had it to do over again I’d at least get partial hearing loss that would have given me 10% with no allotment.  That’s all I really need.  Maybe I still have a shot at that with the application I submitted on 12-21-11.  I think I still have about 2 months to wait to get the hearing test.

I think my hearing loss has something to do with the time I was involved with an OAS (Organization of American States) mission where USAF was airlifting Latin American troops into Dom Rep (Dominican Republic) in ’66 or ’67.  I was in a C130 or C141 and airlifting troops from Suriname (Dutch Guyana) into Dom Rep.  When we arrived in Suriname it was like a national holiday and the whole country turned out to see their troops loaded onto our planes and airlifted to Dom Rep.  I guess this scenario was repeated many times in the half-dozen or so countries that were supplying troops.  Anyway, once we got airborne we lost cabin pressure and I was in a lot of pain.  I had trouble with my ears as a kid and they’ve never worked right.  It felt like I had needles sticking in my ears- no, NAILS sticking in my ears.  They tried using the cockpit pressure to equalize the cabin pressure but that was only marginally successful and they couldn’t keep it up so the pressure was constantly changing.  Luckily, no one else was having as much problem with it as I was since we had several dozen troops aboard. 

I guess I mentioned this in a previous blog posting about Latin America where I mentioned that I was involved in MAG (Military Assistance Groups) where we were propping up Latin American governments and providing military support.  I guess that’s why I’m so distrustful of our government now, because I’ve experienced things we did and remember the lies we told to justify them to the American people.  I thought the American people wised up during the 60’s when they caught the government lying to them about Vietnam but the Iraq fiasco proves that we never learn from our mistakes and we’re always ready to believe whatever bullshit we’re told as long as we wrap it in patriotism and decorate it with religion.  Damn that unpatriotic Wikileaks anyhow!  We’ve got no right to know what our government is doing in our name!


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6 Comments on “750 Words”

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  2. John Heintz Says:

    Don’t shoot Patty even if she asks you to do so. Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex in his 1961 farewell address, and all of his worst fears have come true in the past half-century. There’s no end in sight as long as making war means making profits for a relatively few people. John H.

  3. Michael Thompson Says:

    Shoot and MISS. She is too nice to hit. You better start with that workout……I understand that the “Marriage Contract” in the state of Oregon expires after 50 years…..so Patty can still “Just say NO”
    (Bob Moody told me that and Millie agreed)

    So much energy wasted talking about that lying government? Then we keep voting in the same people? Ron Wyden? There should be a limit.

  4. subwizard Says:

    You can’t shoot mom because you aren’t leaving us enough inheritance to pay for the therapy we’ll need after that. Just do some crosswords and eat your broccoli or whatever they recommend these days. Gah!
    Also, what John said. And as long as there’s a large enough base of uneducated people who can be tricked into supporting the agenda of the people making that profit.

  5. limberjack Says:

    I’ve done the 750 Word thing for eleven straight days now. I’ve got a streak going!

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