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Ware and Lindsley families

November 18, 2011

Chronospots has an overwhelming bias toward the Ware side of the family and that is because most of the stories are from my failing memory.  However, I would like there to be an equal representation from Patty’s family history.  That’s not likely to happen because Patty’s energies have gone into documenting family history in a broader and genealogical scale.  She has devoted quite a bit of time in establishing lineage back to colonial times and before.  She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and is still working on documenting other paths to that goal.  She has made contacts across the country of family members with common interest in family history and has found links to Samuel and John Adams, Buffalo Bill Cody, and other historical figures. 

I’m sure that the Ware’s have a history that dates back to the early 1700’s also in that dad always claimed to be Scotch-Irish and that distinction does apply to the Appalachian settlers of the pre-Potato Famine era. They called themselves Scotch-Irish to distinguish themselves from the later immigrants in the mid-1800s, when most of the settlers were just called Irish and settled in the urban ports where they landed.  So, we probably have some colonial patriots on the Ware side and Patty may explore that also. 

Patty’s family links back through Lindsleys, Meads, Adams, Bakers and Colquettes, and she has traced it back to French and English families around the Channel Islands in the 1600s.  She has even established some links between the Lindsley’s and the Wares.  It’s a small world, especially in those days where, in one instance, adjoining farms with three daughters and three sons all married each other.  I believe options were rather limited. 

So, Patty’s efforts are likely to be farther reaching and longer lasting than mine but not as personal or as individual.  As she succeeds in establishing the various lineages and branches in the families, I will try to include them in Chronospots. 

I’m expecting an influx of Ware family history from Gary and Cathy after their trip through the mid-west and Appalachia this summer and will include that here also.  That will undoubtedly be a big help in documenting our family tree back through history.  I’m not very good at that sort of thing but Patty is very good at it.  When she starts telling me some of what she’s learning, my eyes glaze over and my mind turns to mush, especially when she talks about cousins marrying and how that complicates research through a family tree.  I guess cousins marrying were a common occurrence in olden days but it seems kinda kinky now. 

I would like to include some of Patty’s family’s recent history including Opie and Joe’s life together and their struggles to raise an extended family that included adopted cousins that are, in fact, Patty’s brothers and sisters.  That is going to take more than a little help from Patty and she’s pretty busy now with her genealogy research, working as the State Training Coordinator for the AARP Tax-aide program and planning our 50th Wedding Anniversary among other things.  We’re hoping to have our 50th Anniversary in Hawaii which will be over Christmas and New Year’s of 2012-2013 so that requires some pre-planning to get reservations, etc. 

You know, what Patty and I are doing, with her genealogy research and me with Chronospots, would have been a lot more difficult and maybe even impossible just a few years ago before the ‘Information Age’.  Now we both sit here in our ‘Computer Room’ busily engaged in our respective projects with an occasional comment to one another, (“want a cookie?”)  I don’t know what we would have done with our retirement if we’d been born a couple of decades sooner.  What are you going to do?  Think about it. 


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