The Marvelous Wonderettes

Patty and I went to the Oregon Cabaret Theater last night and were delighted and surprised by the production which was the Springfield High School Class of ’58 SeniorProm and the second act was the 10 year reunion.  They nailed it!  The production was ‘spot on’ with the songs of the time and the girls were absolutely fabulous with their taffeta prom dresses and petticoats.  They were all very talented and I caught myself laughing aloud with delight throughout the show.  Although I was SHS ’59 and Patty was SHS ’62, we felt we had stepped back in time.  It was especially timely since we both have re-unions coming up later this month in Springfield (on the same weekend!).


The only thing they got wrong was the school mascot which was a chipmunk instead of a Miller.  When they came out for act two in their go-go boots and psychedelic dresses I was reminded of Patty’s red go-go boots and orange mini-skirt that she used to wear when we went clubbing in Denver at about that time.  I wish I could bottle the show and bring it with us to Springfield for our re-unions.  We’ve been going to OCT since we moved to Ashland in ’85 and that was the year it opened in the ‘Old Pink Church’, so it’s been 26 years, and this is the most fun I’ve ever had there. 

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