Threescore and ten

Threescore and ten


“The days of our  years are threescore years and ten;

and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years,

yet is their strength labor and sorrow;

for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.”

Well, here we go again- Patty is off on another European vacation with Susan and I’m left here to tend the house and take care of the yard,   which is a situation that works for us since I spent a lot of time traveling when I was younger and I really enjoy this place.  This year has been unseasonably cool even though a lot of the country has been sweltering in record heat and drought.  Today it’s cloudy and threatening showers and very cool for mid-July.  It’s one of those days where it’s easy to become reflective and without Patty to tether me down, I’m free to ponder and reminisce.

I guess what really got me in this mood was looking out my kitchen window and seeing a red fox trotting across the yard.  I’m 70 years old and this is the first time I’d ever seen a wild red fox.  I realized  that  I’ve seen more wildlife from these windows than I’ve ever seen in my life; raccoons, skunks, deer, squirrels, and there have been bear and cougar sightings in the neighborhood.  I wonder why there seems to be more wildlife now than there was when I was a boy, even though I spent a lot of my boyhood in the woods and near the river.  I don’t have an answer but I kind of like it. 

Patty will be gone for about three weeks altogether and I’m generally on hold until she gets back and gives me a kick-start.  I waste a lot of time watching movies that I don’t watch while she’s here, mostly bad and uninspiring.  The action movies and horror movies that she hates and I am drawn to and then sorry I wasted my time on.  Also, the books that she has the good sense not to waste time on.  For instance, I just finished a Dean Koontz and again told myself that I would never waste a moment reading his trash ever again. 

I know that I need to replace the roof on the carport and wash the windows but those are both such huge undertakings that I am finding it extremely difficult to get started.  Also, Patty asked me not to do the windows until she was here to call 911.  Some of our windows can only be reached from the top of a 30’ ladder and I fell off the ladder a few years ago and lost a summer to broken bones.  It’s becoming more important to not take so many chances since I’m lucky to still be here and I don’t heal as quickly as I once did.

Patty and I both have school reunions this summer and they’re both in Springfield on the same weekend in August.  We missed most of the reunions over the years except for our 20th which were three years apart.  Mine was in ’79, the year I retired from the Air Force and hers was in ’82 while we were living on the vineyard in Fowler, CA.  This year most of my classmates are 70 years old and it’s Patty’s 49th reunion and they’ll be making plans for what will probably be a big reunion next year.  Patty runs their website which has seen very little interest so far but may become important to her classmates this year.   It is a very well-put-together site, thanks to Susan and Kai, but this may be the last year Patty will bother with it since her classmates don’t seem to care about it. 

The 70 years we are allotted may not be true anymore since a lot of people now live longer than that and my grandkids, Samuel and Gabriel, could well live past 100 because of recent advances in genome and stem cell
research.  I don’t dwell on mortality but I’m more aware of it now and I don’t fear it.  I’m very lucky to have a good life and I know a lot of people that have had a much tougher time of it.  Most of the world’s population, come to think of it.   I think I was lucky to have been born when and where I was born and to have had the incredible good fortune to have found Patty to share my life with. 

So, here’s looking forward to fourscore and I hope it continues to be as much fun as it’s been.

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