Pattys Roots

Daughter of the American Revolution

Patty Jo Ware

Is a regularly approved member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, having been admitted by the National Board of Management by virtue of her descent from a patriot who with unfailing loyalty served as a sailor, soldier, civil  officer, or rendered material aid to the cause of American Independence during the Revolutionary War This twenty-seventh day of June 2011

Ancestor:   Richard Caldwell Vernon of North Carolina

It took Patty about two months to accomplish this and she was surprised that the easiest path was through her mother’s side of the family.   She is still working on genealogy matters and hopes to establish further ties to the Revolutionary War through her mother’s side, the Lindsley family and maybe through the Wares and the Grays as well.

The result of all this is that it will be very easy for Susan, Traci, Gabriel and Samuel to become members of DAR or Children of the American Revolution.  Also, Patty’s brothers and sisters can now become members based on her research and acceptance.   I guess
it’s good to know who your ancestors were and it gives a sense of who you are and your place in the world.

She is currently awaiting information from a distant cousin in Florida who recently inherited his father’s extensive genealogy records and said that, since he is retiring as a state government official this summer and will have time to do it, he will send her further information on the Colquette Family.  There may be further ties to the Revolution and to President Adams through that branch.

My nephew Gary and his wife Cathy are very much into genealogy and are planning on a trip to gather information on family and ancestors later this summer and have promised to share what they find.  That may help in identifying ancestors on my side and where they came from.  I have my suspicions.

Patty has found that she is a descendant of Samuel Adams and of Eli Whitney as well as John and Quincy Adams so I doubt that I have any chance of matching her illustrious lineage. One disappointment is that she has been unable to track my mother’s family back very far and unable to establish where mom’s Indian heritage came from.  One look at my mother when she was in her forties, with her long, black hair in a braid down her back and her high cheekbones and piercing gray eyes and you knew she was American Indian.  Dad used to call her the old siwash.

Anyhow, this has caught Patty’s interest and she always throws herself into these things with dedication and determination so I think we’ll have further developments in the near future. I’m sure it will be fodder for further Chronospots postings because that
is what this blog is all about- family.

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