Thoughts from Dad

To My Loved Ones

Samuel P. Ware (early 1950’s)

My children, the thoughts you hold in your mind are just what life will give you, just as sure as when you’re planting a garden.  You plant a row of carrots and that is what will grow.  In your homes try to have plenty of good books, musical instruments and pets for your children. 

Radio cannot be considered as music.  The world’s greatest music is recorded.  We do not get much of that on the radio, rather an untrained voice yacking some senseless ditty.  Thoughts of the world’s greatest
thinkers are recorded too but we don’t get the Philosophers Hour to acquaint us with their thoughts.  No, we get some bright young man that didn’t get through grade school that writes their programs.  To put what he calls interest, suspense and punch in his lines there must be an unhappy marriage, plenty of sobbing and screaming.  Anything evil is what he dishes out.  Lots of gunplay and murder.  America drips with murder, ask the Shadow.  “He knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.  Har, har, har!”  Today you need the radio all the time for company.  It’s an admission that you are a mental pauper and cannot generate an interesting thought of your own. 

Our newspapers give too much space to crime.  The worse a crime is the more space it gets.  A crime should get no more space than a death listed in the obituary column.  When possible, punish the criminal and let that be the end of it.  Do not keep digging at it and chewing it over for months and years afterward  like the  Gila Monster that lives in the southwest desert that doesn’t have a proper digestive tract.  It retches it’s food
up, picks it over carefully and then eats some of it again.  
People wonder why crimes are increasing.  Children are growing up  in homes where the radio roars most of the time.  Newspapers, magazines and funnies are loaded with crime.  Well, that is what we are planting in young people’s minds.  That is what grows there.  Why plant that kind of thinking if we don’t want that?  This is a free country.  We have pure food laws to keep people from being cheated or poisoned, why not have laws to keep peoples’ minds  from being cheated or poisoned by purveyors of thought? We have plenty of crime without cooking up imaginary  crimes to entertain and poison peoples minds.


This is a writing from Dad and he felt strongly enough about it to write it down so I think it’s something that should be included in Chronospots.  This was from 60 years ago!  Wouldn’t he be dismayed to see the TV, Movies and digital games that entertain today’s children.  It goes to show that the more things change  the more they stay the same and it doesn’t pay to get too upset about it.  I got this in a notebook of writings that my nephew Robin got from his mom, my sister Theresa. 

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