Patty and Jacks Excellent Vacation 2010

Patty & Jack’s Excellent Vacation (2010 edition)

We’re baaack!  We had a great time and everything went pretty much as we’d planned.   That’s something because there’s always quite an element of chance involved with our vacations since I’m usually trying to thumb a ride on a cargo plane and Patty is using mileage-plan miles to fly.  Anyway, this post is to relate where we’ve been and what we did.   It may be a little boring for you except for the hot, sweaty sex part.

Patty flew out of Medford on mileage plan miles to Seattle on the 4th of February and spent the first  two nights there with Tammy in Federal Way and then went to Susan’s on Saturday, the 6th.  That night Patty and Susan attended the Elton John-Billy Joel Concert Which had been postponed from last November because Elton John got sick.   Anyway, Patty was thrilled with the concert which Susan had arranged for her.

Patty then flew to Maui on Tuesday the 9th and met her friend Terry there.  They had a condo rental for a few days until Terry’s scheduled time at her condo in the Ka’anapali Beach Club.   Terry’s friend, George, met them there and Patty arranged for all of them to do volunteer work with the Save the Whales Foundation which had several events during that time.

I drove down to Travis on Saturday the 20th of February and couldn’t get a room at the Windward Inn on base because it was filled up.  That was the first time I couldn’t get a room there and I had to spend the night in a chair at the terminal.  However, I was lucky to get a flight out the next morning and was at Hickam AFB early that afternoon.  Patty got me a flight to Maui from Honolulu and I only had to wait about an hour for the flight.  It takes about 20 minutes to fly to Maui from Oahu and Patty met me at Kahului Airport.  We got to the Ka’anapali Beach Club in time for Happy Hour with Terry and George.

The next day (Monday) George left to return home and Terry returned on Thursday.  Patty and I left on Friday.  While on Maui, we were in luck because the whales were migrating and we saw dozens of them.  We could have seen a lot more as they were frequently carrying-on out in the channel between Maui and Molokai and sometimes were quite close to shore.  One time we were having dinner at Duke’s Beach Restaurant and the whales were close to shore and breaching and leaping for our enjoyment while we ate.  Patty and Terry took a whale-watching cruise from Lahaina while I waited under a banyan tree in the city park and read my book.  They saw lots of whales close-up.

Patty and I went to our favorite place at the Maui Brewing Company a few times.  It’s a sports bar and the bartender remembered us from our last visit.  We walk there (a couple of miles) and stagger home after a few brews and fish and chips.   Mostly we just walk the beach and enjoy the warm weather and warm water while looking for beach glass or watching for whales, porpoises or manta rays.  Once, on our way to Maui Brewing Co., we saw a huge sea turtle basking on the beach.  He hung around for several hours and we got his picture.

We left Maui on Friday and had a room at the Hale Koa on Waikiki.  The Hale Koa (House of the Warrior) is a military hotel on Fort DeRussy on Waikiki.  It’s bordered by the Hilton on one side and Trump’s new tower on the other.  Fort DeRussy is like a 5 acre park right on the beach and we love to stay there.   On Saturday, we were confined to our room on the 12th floor because of the tsunami caused by the earthquake in Chile.  There was an earthquake in Chile in 1968 and it caused a lot of damage and cost some lives in Hilo on the big island so Hawaii took this quake very seriously.  Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki were deserted, no traffic and no people.  It was like a disaster movie.  Patty and I watched for the tsunami to hit and they had it timed as to when the first and second wave would hit but all that happened was a small tidal surge.

Patty went to Crazy Shirts on Monday and they already had ‘I Survived the Tsunami’ T-shirts for sale and of course she got one.  We went to Coconut Willy’s that night to listen to Kevin Mau sing (another of our favorite things to do) and Patty was a big hit in her T-shirt.  Some guy came to our table and wanted to take a picture of her shirt and she joked that she had to wait until she was 65 for anyone to want to take a picture of her chest.

We stayed at the Hale Koa until Tuesday and then had reserved a beach cabin at Bellows AFS on the Windward (East) side of Oahu for two weeks.  Bellows has the best beach on the island and the cabins are two bedroom with a kitchen, TV, free internet and a beach club.  It’s pretty nice and the sunrises are spectacular from the back door of your cabin. We generally go into the Marine Base at Kaneohe to do our shopping and it’s only about ten miles away.  The Marines also use part of Bellows as a training facility and on weekends the same area is used by paintball enthusiasts and they open that part of the beach up to the public.   It’s very popular with the locals and fills up by Friday evening with tents and campers.   We found a favorite spot about ten miles from Bellows at Koko Marina near Sandy Beach.  Kona Brewing Co. has a brew-pub there with happy hour from 3 to 6 on weekdays and we made that scene numerous times.  We’ve been fans of Longboard Lager since way before they sold out to Anheuser-Busch and still like it very much.

We left Bellows a day early and spent Monday night at the Alaiki Inn on Hickam AFB.   We then went back to the Hale Koa for Tuesday and saw Kevin Mau at Coconut Willy’s again that night.  We met some other fans of Kevin’s and they told us that Kevin might be leaving Coconut Willy’s, or as it is known now, CW’s.  So we are a little concerned that we may not see him the next trip over.

We spent Wednesday night at the terminal because we had too much luggage to be carrying around and we had to turn in our car rental before midnight.  We caught a ride back to Travis on a C-17 the next morning.  The C-17 had a load of cargo and we sat in drop-down seats alongside the cargo.  About 50 of us, mostly retired military, were aboard for the 5-hour flight back to Travis.

At Travis, I picked up our car from long-term parking and we got a room at the Windward Inn for the night.  The next morning we went shopping at the commissary and at the BX before the 5-hour drive home.  We got home about 6: PM and were pleasantly surprised at the great weather here.   Everything is blooming and greening and we totally missed the whole daylight-saving fiasco so it was the perfect end to a perfect vacation.

Oh, by the way, if you’ve stuck with me through this entire posting for the ‘hot, steamy sex’ I was just kidding about that.

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