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Robin has been doing some research into family history and sent me some of the information he has found so far so I’m posting it here for everyone.  Gary’s wife, Cathy, also has a lot of information on family history and I hope she’ll share that with us too.  

The Richard Ware family of Valley Head, Virginia

Updated February 14, 2006

About Our Family Research
I am researching the Richard Ware family of Valley Head, Randolph County, Virginia.

Richard Ware was born in Scotland about 1754 and came to America in 1774 when he was 20 years old. He and a brother settled in Alexander, Virginia and for the next 30 years, his activities are unknown and little is known about him. On 24 June 1804 he married Mary Wilson, daughter of George Wilson and Catherine Riffle. He was 50 and Mary was 19 years old. Over the years Mary gave birth to 15 children, of which 14 survived and went on to raise families of their own. There were 4 girls and 10 boys and their names were – Matilda, Hiram, Harvey, Ruth, Edward, Lucinda, Andrew, Benoni, Richard, Elizabeth, George, James (my line), Jacob and John.

Between 1799 and 1804, Richard worked as a Constable in the Randolph County area, but most of the time he was a farmer and had a large farm. He also served in the military during the War of 1812 and was given several land grants totaling hundreds of acres for his service. His wife, Mary died in 1828 and he followed 6 years later in 1834 at the age of 80. They are both buried in the Ware cemetery located on Ware’s Ridge near Valley Head, West Virginia.

I am in the process of researching his children and grand-children starting with his daughter Matilda and have completed Hiram, Harvey, Ruth and Edward.

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Walter V Munza

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    I welcome comments on any of these posts and if you have information to share, please do so.

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