The Squirrels


This is another  musing from when Patty was off on one of her trips.  I found it while organizing my document files, which is an indication of how aimless my existence is when Patty’s not here to keep me on an even keel.


This morning, as I was making coffee, I noticed two squirrels running around the oak tree outside our kitchen window.  I watched them for about 5 minutes and finally gave it up.  They were going around and around the oak tree varying from about two feet above ground to about ten feet and one was always right behind the other.  I’m assuming the chaser to be the male (a la Pepe le Pew).  He never caught the other squirrel but sometimes he would get close enough to fluff her tail, which really sent her off in a burst of renewed energy.  I’m thinking, “How does this species survive with this kind of courtship ritual?”  Maybe the male figures he has more stamina and he’ll eventually exhaust the female and have his way with her.  I can tell him that’s a bad idea.  From my experience, that’s not going to happen. 

Well, they must be doing something right because we’re being overrun with squirrels.  A few years ago, when we started feeding the squirrels, there were only one or two.  When we witnessed a squirrel get hit by a car we were worried that they were on their way to extinction in our neighborhood.  We’re not worried now.  They’re all over the place.  I heard a banging on the deck last week and went out to see what the commotion was and a squirrel was trying to get the lid off the milk can we use to store peanuts.  He was close to getting it off, too. 

Another resident we have is a big raccoon. We used to have two but lately I just see the one.  But he is BIG!  He’s about the size of a mid-size dog and he can really tear up the place.  Very destructive.  We’ve got an electric fence around the neighbors pond because they have fish in it and that seems to work.  We’ve got two small ponds and the most we have in them is gambuches (mosquito eaters) and some plants but sometimes he decides it’s worth the trouble and he gets into the ponds and tears them up. 

We’ve had up to 15 deer hanging out but lately we’ve only had a few.  There’s some building going on above us and that probably has affected them.  Also, a few dogs have moved into the neighborhood.  They aren’t a nuisance so far but they can sure become one if they start chasing deer and using the yard as their toilet.  I like having deer in the yard, although you have problems with them eating plants and trees that you might want to save. 

I just checked, the squirrels are no longer running around the oak tree.  I wonder what THAT means?

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