Written by dad explaining why he was a vegetarian



Why I am a Vegetarian

Samuel Parker Ware


The anatomy of man is wrong to be anything but vegetarian.  If he were intended to be a carnivorous animal, his teeth should be like the cat and dog.  The carnivorous animal has a very short intestine.  According to our weight we have the longest intestine of any animal.  Meat is not our natural food. 

We learn to eat meat.  If you witnessed an animal butchered and were handed a bloody, unsalted piece of meat, you would be revolted.  Before you would eat it you would want it salted and cooked, its taste disguised in various ways, usually using something from the vegetable kingdom.  But a nice apple, peach, orange does not need to be disguised to be palatable.  Good things grow from the ground all over the world.  We do not need to learn to like them, they are our natural food. 

If millions of people had to spend a day in a slaughterhouse, they would be vegetarians ever after.  For instance, a hog comes by on a conveyor, hanging by the heels.   The butcher drives a knife into its heart.  In a few seconds it is being dragged through a tank of scalding water.  That scalding water is in its mouth, nose, eyes and ears.  They often swim and struggle clear through that tank, still feeling the torments of hell. 

On two occasions in my life I have been injured and lost so much blood that I could not see well enough to distinguish a face.  A white blur was all I could make out.  I was frightened and hoped they would soon get me to stop bleeding- could hear any whispering, could feel the slightest touch.  Believe the nervous system is the very last to die.   Would rather go hungry than eat anything that was tortured. 

Can you feature our Savior, Jesus Christ, working in a chamber of horrors like that?  Not for a minute!  Remember His prayer “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.  Can you imagine a slaughterhouse in Heaven?  God gives his creatures more intelligence than we give them credit for.  They all have the emotions of love, fear and sorrow.  The death cry of a poor creature is its prayer.  God hears those prayers too.  “As ye sow, so shall ye reap”.  We send trainloads of creatures to the slaughterhouse every day.  Every generation our best boys are taken away from their loved ones and sent away to be slaughtered and maimed on the battlefield. 

Boys that won’t come home. 

Three hundred thousand men are sleeping there. 

They have laid aside all cares.

The noise of battle ceased.

And now they rest in peace.

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