Family Pictures

It occurred to me that a picture is worth a thousand words and I have some pictures that may be of interest to others.  You can also view the pictures I’ve posted to flickr at:

And we have a few at on myspace at:
Also, there is the Geni family tree at: or you can just go to Geni at: and search for Jack Ware.



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3 Comments on “Family Pictures”

  1. […] Family Pictures    November 12, […]

  2. limberjack Says:

    Patty has been tracing her roots and took a side-trip to my side of the family and found my great grandparents and some other stuff so I added it here.

  3. […] A selection of pictures pertaining to Theresa and her life are included here.  Anyone wanting to contribute pictures or comments for this posting please submit them to me at and I will gladly add them to this post.  Sorry, I can’t add captions.  Here’s a link to other family pictures on Chronospots:  <; […]

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