Bob Moodys Excellent Adventure

Bob Moody’s Finest Hour

Bob & Millie

 Well actually it was an all-nighter.  Bob was my brother-in-law, husband to my sister Millie.  I loved them both dearly although Bob was deeply flawed.  He was an alcoholic and an irresponsible rascal who indulged himself shamelessly at my sister’s expense.  But she loved him and they had a full life together with a lot of fun and friends.  As bad as Bob was, that’s how good Millie was. She was generous to a fault and with never a bad word or unkindness to anyone.  Very  tolerant and with a brilliant mind, she was extremely well-read and beautiful.  It is her picture on the masthead of Chronospots.

At this time in their lives, sometime in the 70’s, Bob was moving houses and Millie was the accountant at The Country Squire, which at that time was a very nice motel in competition with Cottage Grove’s Village Green.  They owned a home on Aspen Drive down near the Willamette River and they had several acres with fruit trees and large lawns.

As I mentioned, Bob was an alcoholic and had gotten several DUI’s.  His license was revoked and Millie had the keys to the car safely hidden away.  He really wanted to go party but he couldn’t talk Millie into it.  He was well known at several bars and clubs in the area and generally welcome because he played the guitar and sang 40’s and 50’s songs and party songs pretty well.  He was a happy drunk and lots of fun to be around.

Bob was pretty resourceful so he went out to the shed and started up the riding lawn-mower.  If Millie heard it she probably didn’t pay much attention even though it was getting pretty late in the evening.   Bob went down the driveway and headed up Aspen Drive to Centennial (although at the time I think it was Chase Gardens Road) and then west to Coburg Road.  He turned south and, since Coburg Road was heavily traveled with a median strip he stayed in the median as much as possible.  Several police cars passed but when they approached he lowered the blades and started cutting grass so no one paid him much attention.

He made it across the Ferry Street Bridge and then turned west again on 5th until it ran out at Chambers and then cut down to 6th Avenue until he got to the Big Y.  The Embers was one of his favorite clubs and it was right across from the Big Y Shopping Center.  He was very lucky that the Big Y had a parking lot display of garden tractors and he parked his mower among them and walked across to The Embers.  Well his luck ran out then because The Embers had a private party going on and they wouldn’t let him in…until he told them what he had done.  Then they welcomed him in and he was pretty much the hit of the party.

Well, he partied all night and the next morning he walked back across the street to the Big Y which was doing a brisk weekend business.  He found his mower and fired it up and retraced his path and actions of the previous evening until he got home.  That was a round trip of close to 20 miles on a mower.  Bob did like to party.

Knowing Millie, he paid dearly for that escapade but it sure makes a good story.

Millie & Bob Sebastapol early '50's

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