About Chronoposts

The idea for Chronoposts was born when I was looking at Rene’s Facebook entries where he was showing Traci, Samuel and Gabriel his father’s hometown and meeting some of the people from his childhood. I thought, I’ll bet there are stories that he would enjoy hearing and that would let him know his father better. He should be getting those stories for himself and his kids; others in his family would enjoy them too. Then I thought, hey, that’s an interesting idea! So I told Susan.

I don’t know if she thought it was a good idea or not but the next thing I know she has created this wonderful website. She is a great writer so I hope she shares some stories on this site too. Anyway, what I hope this becomes is a collection of stories from a lot of different people, family and friends, that should be told. For whatever reason. And maybe, it will become something that will branch out to other families and they will be tied together through these stories that touch through relationships or events.

I’ve got some ideas of stories that I think are fun or that I want to tell. I plan to sit down and tell them over time and when I have the time. Patty and I have some trips coming on next week so maybe it will be awhile but here’s a few of the ideas I have for stories:
Topics for Chronoposts

1. Breakfast with the Adairs
2. Bi-centennial community 4th of July
3. Leaving Patty with bananas and an ironing board
4. Patty stands up to the Guardia Nacionale
5. Patty nails an iguana
6. Pass of Death
7. Elephant snot on Fred
8. Bob’s riding mower trip
9. Don Hill’s brothers
10. Omie pees in the nail can
11. Sheep lungs and the dog pound
12. Trip from Philadelphia to Oregon
13. Freezing dad’s bees

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10 Comments on “About Chronoposts”

  1. subwizard Says:

    HAHAHHA! Does #7 need anymore explanation? That’s four pretty funny words.
    You forgot the story of how that cop shot your dog. That’s a horrible story, but I’m fascinated with it. I can’t believe that someone shot your dog… and then that it was a cop on top of that! Plus, wasn’t it because you and some other kids found a stash of bank robber guns or something?
    Also, stories about Dort and the “damn cats” story 🙂 Though I suppose I already know the damn cats story. But it’s funny.

    • limberjack Says:

      14. Finding guns and dead people in the slough.
      15. The cop shot Pepper in the head
      16. F&%K the $#@ damn cats!
      17. Dolly sees the gynecologist- sort of

  2. Bumpy Says:

    While reading the list of 17 topics, one particular story popped into my mind. Now I’ll have to rely on the author to recount the facts as my memory is a little fuzzy on the specifics of the event… but it had something to do with getting justice by swiping candy from a drug store in Selma, California. I remember the players involved were a shocked Emy, an embarassed Patty, an irate Jack, a confused Erma, and a happy Traci and I (cause we got to eat the candy evidence.) Oh, and I recall being in the car fleeing the scene as a befuddled store manager wrote down the license plate number of my innocent mom’s 1971 Oldsmobile sation wagon. Good times.

    • limberjack Says:

      Okay, that’s a good one. I was a hero in Irma’s eyes, she completely agreed with me. But the ‘Elephant snot on Fred’ post YOU need to write. No one could do it better. And I don’t remember all the details anyway.

  3. thekai Says:

    This is a great idea! I haven’t heard all those stories yet, so I can’t wait. There are some others that I’ve heard from Susan, involving poop, gummy worms, and Jingles’ introduction.

  4. limberjack Says:

    18. How I met your mother
    19. Moving houses
    20. Rocking horse, grandpa’s clock, Columbus Day Storm

  5. limberjack Says:

    21. Pete
    22. Poaching deer

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